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Just returned from the NY International Gift Show

Bronco Leprechaun?

Last week, Jennie (our Creative Director) and I had the good fortune to be in New York.  No, not for the Super Bowl, but for the NY Now Trade Show (formerly the New York Gift Show). The Javits Center was ablaze with the latest in good design -from Housewares, to Home Furnishings, to Personal Accessories, to Children’s Toys and Products.  The universe of products was mind-blowing, everything from pillows to jewelry to glassware to scarves.  Sea life was very trendy – with octopi and jellyfish dotting tableware and textile designs everywhere.  We saw old favorites, like Jonathan Adler and French Bull designer Jackie Shapiro.  Our friends at Sisters of LA were front and center at the show -in Karen Alweil’s huge booth at the entrance to the great hall. We were struck by the elaborate booth design and construction of the large furniture and housewares companies, in particular one company that had enormous tree trunks as coffee and side tables.  There were also products as light as a feather – literally. In any design show, you will see lots and lots of color – greens and blues were particularly prevalent. We came away with some good direction on design -
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Getting Kids Involved in the Kitchen! Advice from GoodLife Eats

We have a lovely post from our friend Katie Goodman at GoodLife Eats for how kids can get involved in the kitchen this holiday season.  Read on for more! Holidays are a wonderful time to get the whole family involved in the kitchen. My kids are still young, just 6 and 8, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help too. Sure, they aren’t able to prepare whole recipes by themselves, but with a little guidance they can lend a helping hand with holiday meal preparations. Tips for Teaching Kids Kitchen Skills 1. I first show them how to do the task, such as how to use a vegetable peeler or cut an onion. A few times may be necessary depending on what the task is. 2. After that I help them, hand over hand, in doing the task. An example of this would be placing their hands on the rolling pin, then placing my hands on top of theirs and demonstrating the task again with both of us doing it together. 3. Then, I allow them to test their skills alone.   Appropriate Tasks for Kids in the Kitchen Here are a few tasks to involve kids in kitchen preparations
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